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(Q): We have a carpenter who will also do the interior work; can your company coordinate the project with him?

(A): Yes, we frequently do that, as a specialty contractor that is part of our usual work. We will also let him know ahead of time what the scope of our work will cover; this will help in estimating the entire job cost.

(Q): I have noticed that some dormers are stepped in on the sides, is there a significant cost difference either way?

(A): There is not a major cost difference either way, the stepped in dormers are usually done to achieve a certain look, some people feel it gives the dormer a more traditional look to step it in on the sides.

(Q): Our roof is framed with 2x6 rafters; can we still have you lift and save it if it does not meet current building codes?

(A): Yes, part of our roof lifting system allows for reinforcement of existing roofs. In many cases after we reinforce a roof it exceeds building codes and still saves you money. A large part of the savings in lifting a roof comes from saving the demo costs.

(Q): Is your work seasonal, can you raise roofs in the winter?

(A): Yes, winter, spring, summer, and fall- we work on additions year round.

(Q): Is your roof lifting system approved by building departments?

(A): Yes. We have been lifting roofs since 1986; in 1989 we applied for a review and were approved by the State Board of Building Regulations & Standards.

(Q): Is there a cost savings by raising my roof versus the conventional tear off method?

(A): Yes. In most cases this should range between 15 to 30% of the shell cost, in some cases even higher. A large part of the saving comes from demo and removal costs, between those savings plus man power and materials it can be substantial.

(Q): Does High Tech Dormer do anything other than roof lifts?

(A): Yes. We have the distinction of being the company that can lift your roof but we also do custom upper level additions and many other framing and finished exterior projects including house framing, garage and ground level additions. We also do decks.

(Q): Do you include insulation in a weather tight shell?

(A): No. Our project will normally include all interior framing for bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, etc. but we stop short of the insulation. The way the project works is we complete our finish shell and interior framing phase 1, then phase 2 and the other contractors come in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. After they complete their rough work we all get inspected. After that point the insulation goes in. There is a clean break between our work and the second phase. This works well for homeowners who are acting as their own general contractors because it gives them all the time they need for phase 2 after the shell is complete.

(Q): Have you had any problems with the roof lifting system in the past?

(A): No, we have a flawless record. We have lifted hundreds of roofs over the years without any incidents.

(Q): How long does the actual lifting take?

(A): With dormers approximately 30 minutes and full roofs approximately 2 to 3 hours.

(Q): Do you supply references?

(A): Yes, as many as you need. We have a huge list to draw from including several building inspectors.

(Q): Do we have to move out of our house during construction?

(A): In most cases no, since most of our additions are isolated on an upper level floor usually you can just move out of that area. Most of our customers do stay at home.

Bob Terenzoni and his team helped us expand our house by raising the roof to add 3 bedroom, 2 baths, laundry as well as redesign of the first floor. We found Bob to be a great listener, and his team delivered quality work for a very reasonable cost. He was always very responsive, including promptly following up with loose ends at the end of the project (unlike contractors that we have worked with on other projects).

- Woody

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